Proof Reading and Copy Editing


Extraordinary is as commonplace nowadays as milk chocolate (it wasn’t always, and oft enjoyed only by royalty). Your words can be equally tasty as a chocolate wrapped in delightful splendor, and proof read. Not once, thrice.


‘Extraordinary’ is a crafty negotiator, telling you to give your words a blink, then you’re done. Proof reads wielding from my mighty virtual pen deliver the full monty. Your writing will have the cadence of prose.


If it’s a piece you’re about the publish, don’t give typo ‘frippery’ an inch: they’re certain to take a mile.


Where most content producers shift to clutch player, I take your online media strategically. To the point of editing, after writing any content first, re-reading, and only then, is your copy ready to proof read.


Next, I sort it through another editor making certain every “I” is dotted, and every “T” is crossed. So your content is ready to publish (and upload too, via any custom management system you use).


Best, you’ll put your best “you” forward. Courtesy of wise preparation and a bit of polish with proof reads.


Contact me to book me in advance, and have your content primed to ready, aim, and launch – quiksilverforsure at


It’s a done deal.