You're the Hero

I make your content deliver:


Whether your idea is strong or you’re ready to make it “hero”, I’m suited to help you craft it into its best.


When you’re strapped for time and need a writer to pen your book, campaigns, or copy? I deliver exceptional content with artisan talent, freeing you to concentrate on the entrepreneurial matters.


If you’ve completed your novel, are starting one or a brand, I’ll help you develop its space in your online sphere.

Or, if you already have your brand, I’ll create a strategy to help you position yourself to engage with your platform, and go superhero, specific to your brand of heat-vision.

Whether preparing your first novelyour next campaign or authoritative blog, my focus is to get you through any blocks, and gain you more consistent conversions in your content publishing.

Copywriter or full-on ghostwriter, I will help you make your content golden.


Contact me, Dylan, at Quiksilver for Sure outlining your project and its genre, platform (your audience), and the content (blog, eBook, comic, novel, web copy) on slate to discuss, then let’s meet!




Hire a writer who understands it's your content that leverages the difference!