'It's About the Story'


Big Beautiful Blog Posts and Eye-grabbing Copy.

Speaking your readers’ language, the only conversation that will hold their attention.


It’s about People-interest stories.

And how you can engage them with your business or brand.


Focusing on your readers, lenses hem the center of the story. Giving your audience the information and data that better their day.

Remarkable content that gets them looking at the benefits they’ll have.

From conversation to sharing your goodness in every journey of their life-cycle.


Whether your idea is strong and you don’t quite know where to grow with it.

Or you’re ready to have attention-winning content, I’m your go-to scribe.

(Especially one who writes with Twizzlers on hand to make every word count!)


If you’re in a pinch and need a writer to pen your book, campaigns, or copy?

I deliver exceptional content with an artisan style, while you do what’s important; growing your brand.

If you’ve completed your novel, or are starting a brand, I’ll help you explore its space in the online sphere.

Already have a brand? I’ll create a strategy to help you position yourself to engage with your platform, and go superhero, specific to your brand of heat-vision.


Email me, Dylan, at quiksilverforsure@gmail.com outlining your project and its genre, platform (intended or existing audience).

Or any content (blog, eBook, web comic, web copy) and its word count and book a one-on-one consultation.



Hire a writer who understands it's your content that creates the difference!