Episode: The Adventures of Supergirl, Season Two




Ready to thwart rockets and assassins for hire with a blast of heat vision. Kara dares to venture the uncharted dangers of the dating world. If she can only find time to get some one-on-one time with her love crush.


Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist). Ideally twenty-something. A super girl with a Jones for her friend Jimmy and a serious hankering for delivery pizza and potstickers. The kinds of snackage parental units nuke for their ravenous legions in a tick-tock-conscious world.

The intended viewers, pre-teen to post-college, the CW Network hopes to draw. Adding Supergirl to its weekly Hero Personae lineup. Serving up a second season with 8 truths you won’t see in the premiere Universe, but 1 superpower, is revealed.


Jimmy Olsen


Love interest Jimmy Olsen. Young photo hound and traditionally danger-prone in the historic Superman franchise. Revamped for the 21st century as African American and the affection of Kara Danvers. Who’s arrived to Earth 12 years after her cousin Clark Kent has settled into his digs as intrepid reporter for The Daily Planet.


Clark Kent Revisited


A space flight of the Shuttle Venture goes awry during Kara’s celebration with friends and family. The vessel plummets from the atmosphere and in less than 5 minutes, Kara rushes to the rescue as beloved Supergirl.

Clark speeds to aid his cousin and the town is saved. Family banter ensues. Kara informs a band of onlookers she and Clark go way back — she used to change his diapers. Re-imagining the theatrical version of the ’70s franchise with Christopher Reeve Giving their relationship a solid in the Supergirl-Verse.




Introducing a parallel throwback to their shared worlds in the DC Comics Universe. As the episode takes a herring-turn, when a second space vessel is uncovered and Kara recognizes the traveler is Kryptonian.


Kara’s Higher Power


Clark’s knowledge of Terran behavior surfaces as he and his big cousin investigate the traveler’s origin. Clark asks Kara if she’s tried an X-ray which she speedily says she has. Scanning the spaceman, she and her cousin delve deeper into the unsolved mystery.

While they visit The Department of Extraterrestrial Operations, Clark and the department head Hank Henshaw clash egos. Kara’s sister, Alex mines the adversaries angle and uncovers the mystery of Operation “Emerald”.


The Mighty Kryptonite


Also known as the alien substance Kryptonite, that shieled Kent and Danvers during their prospective journeys was found on Earth. Keeping allies Kent and Henshaw divided about its practical applications.

Kent knows the DEO can use it as a fail safe to guard The Universe against any Kryptonian. As Clark ponders the fate of his cousin and himself should any Kryptonite fall into unscrupulous hands.

An advantage Henshaw is comfy maintaining. The second herring plot point hinting the aggregate amount of the substance existing on Earth is still unknown.


New Adult Angst


As Kara tightropes between having a dizzying life as a young woman with the world at her feet. (She stepped into the offices of Cat Grant. News maven of Cat Corp, who may riffs an impromptu soliloquy sans the provocation. Played tongue-in-cheek by Calista Flockhart, of Ally McBeal fame).

She detests Kara’s “Strip-mall” attire. However, she can see the hero within her. Encouraging Kara’s decision to accept a role as reporter. Amidst wavering between ‘To date, or not to date’ Jimmy and diving headlong into a future that’s not yet written.


Super Power Deux — Future Tense


Kara and Clark share hero angst and their struggles to balance everyday life with superhero magnificence. Paired with Clark foreshadowing a new superpower Kara and viewers can expect to ‘for-see’: telepathy. An ability the showrunners have foregone conjuring in this episode: Lex’s and Lois’ appearances were personae non grata.

Culminating Kara’s and Clark’s story as they war against a collapsing building. Glimpsing a precursor to the next threat to Kara’s and Kent’s digs — Lena Luthor’s wicked brother Lex.

Paired with a siege by the assassin John
Corben. A mad killer bent on evaporating Lena during a rebranding of Luther Corp the Kryptonian Duo thwarted. Unaware Corben has been reassembled by the rogue organization Cadmus.


Team Krypton


The writer-creative team at Greg Berlanti’s shingle thread connections among Kara and her little cuz Kent. Weaving a character-verse where any of them may share a past. With a lens on interrelationships (pre-superhero-battles), rapid-fire:


  • Kara is pressured by Boss Cat to pick a role (or prefer a meager existence as Cat’s secretary, Miss Tessmacher — a harried Mini-Me of an angst-ridden Kara).
  • Clark visits Cat Corp with Kara to learn more about the violent attacks on the city.
  • Cat is shocked that Kara knows Clark; Kara discovers Clark and Cat know one another.
  • Lois and Clark are still friends — a past Cat teases out of Clark.
  • Kara hurls steel girders and heat vision in a city cataclysm then comes face to face with assassin Corben. Who’s sister Alex, dukes it out with Corben in a surprise ending you won’t believe (but plot-wise, it’s on point).


Kara and Clark agree to double team for the future — and trade off they will. Against a remade Corben the sinister Cadmus twists into a superhero repellant, named Metallo

A super-beast with the heart of Emerald, just itching for a rematch in this comic hero styled Superhero series.

Relaunched for the tween and New Adult ‘graphics on the CW.

Are you ready for Season Two? Which of Kara’s super gifts would rock your world: the power to read minds or superhuman strength? Team Telepathy or Team Strength?



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